Coeus Enhancement: Daily release of proposal locks

Based on user feedback, the Coeus Team is pleased to announce a new user enhancement in Coeus: Daily release of proposal locks. As you know, the Coeus application locks proposals (the budget and the general proposal, separately) when a user … Continued

NEW Coeus validation – check for special characters

Based on user feedback, and recurring errors downstream in sponsor systems such as FastLane and eRA Commons, the Coeus Team is pleased to announce new validations in Coeus: Check for Special Characters. As you know, Coeus can help you identify … Continued

Issue logging into Coeus

3:30pm Reports have been received of issues logging into Coeus.  Users are receiving the error message “User ID does not exist.” A similar issue was discovered in our Test environment earlier this week, and ITS determined there was a problem … Continued

Coeus is back online

Greetings! The Coeus application database has been updated to reset the proposal counter for the new fiscal year. You can now log into Coeus. Questions about Coeus should be directed to  We appreciate your patience while we upgraded the COEUS … Continued