COEUS News: “Professional Name” now in Coeus

Based on user feedback, the Coeus Team is pleased to announce a new feature in Coeus: Professional Name in the Coeus Person Table database. At Northeastern University, our employees are listed in the directory in one of 3 ways:  by … Continued

UPDATE to Coeus validation re: Special Characters

A change has been made to the new Special Characters validation recently activated in Coeus (see original post for details). The special characters validation for proposal attachments has been changed from an ERROR to a WARNING.  Since this validation detects spaces … Continued

New Fringe Rate effective 7/1/15

The Coeus Team has received confirmation of a change in the University Rate Agreement, Fringe Rates effective 7/1/15. Full Benefit employee rate as of 7/1/15 is 24.70 (down from 25.6); Temp/Part-Time employee rate remains at 7.65. This change has been … Continued

Coeus Enhancement: Daily release of proposal locks

Based on user feedback, the Coeus Team is pleased to announce a new user enhancement in Coeus: Daily release of proposal locks. As you know, the Coeus application locks proposals (the budget and the general proposal, separately) when a user … Continued

NEW Coeus validation – check for special characters

Based on user feedback, and recurring errors downstream in sponsor systems such as FastLane and eRA Commons, the Coeus Team is pleased to announce new validations in Coeus: Check for Special Characters. As you know, Coeus can help you identify … Continued