Based on feedback regarding improvements to the Coeus Electronic Grant Management system, two changes are being introduced to the “Others” screen in Coeus, one of which is a new mandatory field.  These changes will be activated on Friday, May 10, 2013.

  1. “Prime Admin Contact” and “Prime Admin Email”:   When the proposal lists a Prime Sponsor on the General Information page, the “Prime Admin Contact” and “Prime Admin Email” must be filled in on Others screen in the appropriate boxes.  If not filled in, upon submission for routing, a warning will be given to provide the information.  Use the Search link to search the Rolodex for the Prime Admin Contact info; then, insert the email address of the Prime Admin Contact in the space provided.
  1. “Special Considerations:”  This is a new mandatory field (denoted by a red asterisk).  The University is collecting data on whether the proposal is related to a Program Project, or a Young Investigator solicitation.   Select the Search link, and then select the appropriate value (Program Project, Young Investigator, or N/A - Not Applicable).

These changes to the Others screen will appear on all new proposals and proposals in progress; changes will not appear on proposals already submitted for routing.

Information about the Others screen can be found in the updated Coeus Lite 4.5.1 User Guide.

If you have any questions about these new Coeus requirements, please contact your Grant Officer.  General help questions about Coeus should be sent to