Since the Form C patch was applied to Coeus, there have been several attachment name changes for NIH proposals.  We have adjusted the “NIH Standard Opportunities” QuickCard to reflect these changes.   While they are all important, attention is called to the new name of the attachment type for budget justifications.

As you know, while Coeus has a standard set of attachment types that it always displays, when you link to a opportunity, specific attachments relative to that opportunity are appended to the bottom of the standard list.    While the standard attachment type “BudgetJustification” still exists in the dropdown, for NIH proposals, you must choose type “S2S_Budget_Justification” which is located at the end of the dropdown list.    Please take a moment to review the revised “NIH Standard Opportunities” QuickCard to familiarize yourself with all of the new attachment types.

Based on your feedback, we have developed a “Detailed Budget Preparation” and “Modular Budget Preparation” QuickCard, and have also updated the “Subaward Upload” and the “NSF Specific Opportunities” QuickCards.

Please take a moment to review the new and revised QuickCards by visiting our Coeus QuickCard website at

We have recently identified a few bugs in Coeus, and have submitted requests to the Coeus Helpdesk to get them resolved.  In the meantime, here is a list of newly identified bugs, and how to address them:


  • SubAward upload – An errant message is displaying upon syncing, whereby it says the dates of the subaward budget form don’t match the proposal dates:xml sync fail
    • We have confirmed that the dates do match, and the information in the form is pulling into Coeus, yet the message is misfiring (planned fix in Coeus 4.5.1 P3).  When uploading a Subaward Budget Form, please check that the information has correctly pulled to the proposal, and that the “XML Generated Successfully” by opening the subaward details and checking the status:
    •  xml successful
    • SubAward upload – intermittent issue whereby after uploading a subaward budget form, the dollars pull to the Other Direct Costs tab, but not to the Budget Summary
      • In some cases, the subaward budget form, while seemingly uploaded correctly, does not.  There is a known bug (planned fix in Coeus 4.5.1 P2).  If the subaward dollars are not reflected in the Budget Summary, go to each period in the Budget "Other Direct Costs" tab and select SAVE on each tab.  Verify the subaward dollars are now reflected in the Budget Summary.
    • Copying Proposals from one unit to another – if you create a proposal in one unit, and wish to copy it to another unit, proposal roles are not repopulated in the copied proposal until the proposal is routed for approval.  If you need to add users to the proposal while it is "In Progress," add them on the Proposal Roles tab.  If you are unsure who to add, consult with your Grant Officer for assistance on re-populating the “Proposal Roles” tab.

If you have questions about Coeus, please contact