Welcome to COEUS!

COEUS: legacy system for proposal development, approval routing, and institutional data collection; application is being retired in 2019.

ePAWS is Back Online!

Hi Everyone, The system is back up again. Our project team was able to find the root cause and fix the issue. Thanks for your patience. Best, Marlon

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ePAWS is down

Hi Everyone, ePAWS is experiencing some technical issues. We are working with the developers to get the site up and running again.  

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ePAWS and Coeus Back Online

Greetings, Both the ePaws and Coeus applications have the proposal counter reset for the new fiscal year. The system is back online and available for use. Questions about ePAWs should be directed to NU-RESHC@northeastern.edu. We appreciate your patience while we … Continued

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