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Coeus is an enterprise wide electronic research administration system. It assists investigators in simplifying and streamlining the proposal development process, and pre-award and post-award management.

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Coeus is Back Online!

Good Morning, ITS has applied the Forms D patch to Coeus. Coeus is back online. Questions about Coeus should be directed to RDOST-help@neu.edu. We appreciate your patience while we work to maintain Coeus.

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Change in Coeus Activity Types

In an effort to collect more specific data around the types of activities to which we submit applications, information necessary for required government reports, we will be making a slight change the Activity Types in Coeus. Currently, there is an … Continued

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Updated e-Submissions link on ORAF webpage

In an effort to provide the user community with expanded information on the flexible submission options for grant applications, we are updating the e-Submissions link on the Office of Research Administration and Finance (ORAF) webpage. In the past, this link … Continued

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More COEUS Updates