• globalinnovation

    Institute for Global Innovation Management (IGIM)

    Director: Harry W. Lane, Darla and Frederick Brodsky Trustee Professor of International Business

    An internationally recognized research center that develops effective approaches and solutions to global innovation management and disseminates teaching materials concerning the global challenges facing technology-intensive companies. IGIM’s research focuses on knowledge transfer, the development of innovations using global resources, assembling worldwide product development teams, and understanding intellectual property laws of different countries. IGIM’s 12 faculty […]

  • labormarket

    Center for Labor Market Studies

    Director: Andrew M. Sum, Professor of Economics

    Examines a wide variety of employment, training, welfare and human resource issues, acting as an important regional and national resource for information about educational practices, employment, workers’ wages, and the economic and social conditions of American families. The Center’s nine faculty and professional staff have received funding from the Business Roundtable, Heinz Foundation, Educational Testing […]

  • familybusiness

    Center for Family Business

    Director: Ted Clark

    Founded in 1991, The Northeastern University Center for Family Business is a membership organization that provides education, networking opportunities, and support to business families. Adding the complexities of a family and their needs to the dynamics of a competitive business can be a formidable challenge. The Center for Family Business helps business families identify and […]