• Dissertation Completion Fellowships-Spring 2019

    Graduate Dissertation Completion Fellowships provide a one-semester stipend to outstanding Ph.D. candidates who would benefit from the financial security and the freedom to focus on their final semester writing. The award is one semester of support and the awardees are expected to be graduated at the end of the semester in which they hold the […]

  • Research Vision 2025: Achieving Preeminence At Northeastern University

    Research Vision 2025 Art Kramer, Senior Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education The Provost’s Office is announcing a new program to achieve preeminence in research and doctoral education. Proposals for interdisciplinary research that detail an innovative approach to challenging societal issues are solicited from departments, colleges and teams of faculty. Northeastern University has come […]

  • Request Space for Occupancy in ISEC

    The Provost and Senior Vice Provost for Research are responsible for assigning faculty to lab/office spaces in the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex (ISEC), currently scheduled to open in early 2017. The goal for this complex is to host high-impact interdisciplinary research programs that will make the best use of the facilities to further Northeastern’s […]

  • Outstanding Graduate Student Award

    Purpose:The Outstanding Graduate Student Awards are an opportunity for the community to recognize the remarkable students that choose to complete their post baccalaureate studies at Northeastern. Nominations may be made by a graduate student, faculty, staff or administrator at the university. Awards include a $1000 credit to the student’s account and participation in this spring’s […]

  • Announcing Dissertation Completion Fellowship Awardees

    We are pleased to announce the recipients of the Graduate Dissertation Completion Fellowship. Congratulations to the awardees! James Johnson , College of Computer & Information Science Carlos Monteiro, College of Social Sciences & Humanities Julie Garey, College of Social Sciences & Humanities                                     Panagoula Diamanti-Karnou, College of Social Sciences & Humanities Daniella Halperin, Bouve College of Health Sciences Nan Cai, College of […]

  • Weekly Webcrawl

    The world’s first non-human whisperers: cotton-top tamarins (which, by the way, are freaking adorable). Toxoplasmosis, which emboldens mice in the presence of cats and gives humans schizophrenic-like traits, is still my favorite parasite. A new bug repellent renders you invisible to mosquitoes. I’m not sure this qualifies as science, nor whether it’s really ethical, but it’s certainly […]

  • Making IVF relevant for the 85 percent

    At any given moment, about 7 million US couples want to get pregnant but can’t. Of these, just 60 thousand or so go through in vitro fertilization. What happened to the other 85 percent? Well, considering each round of IVF costs on average $9K, and it takes, on average, 6 rounds to be successful, there’s […]

  • A new era for human fertility research

    In 2004, Jon Tilly, professor and chair of the Department of Biology, overturned the paradigm that female mammals do not produce new egg cells after birth. His discovery has opened the floodgates for new clinical approaches to combat infertility and perhaps even stave off menopause.

  • Under water with Kubla Khan

    When professor Mark Patterson told me the story behind his first autonomous underwater robot, I couldn’t help but think of Kubla Khan, the famous poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, which the poet envisioned during an opium-induced trance. Of course, it wasn’t milk of the poppy that sent Patterson into an  inspirational reverie, but rather the […]

  • Deep water data

    Two new faculty based at the Marine Science Center are harvesting data from the ocean to understand how global change has impacted its ecosystems and will continue to do so in the future.

  • The student teacher

    joanna_s_600Joanna Schimizzi enrolled in the master’s of education program at Northeastern’s graduate campus in Charlotte with one goal in mind: professional development.

  • A storm in our veins

    ebong600New assistant professor Eno Ebong studies the effect of mechanical flow on the vascular system with the hope of finding new targets for preventing, diagnosing, or treating vascular disease.

  • “All models are wrong, some are useful”

    There are good models and there are bad models. For example, how many times have you purchased what amounted to be a garbage sack because it looked so much like a beautiful dress on the airbrushed model in the picture online? If it’s half as many times as I have, then you know that models […]

  • Giving voice to the voiceless, with personality

    I’ve written about Professor Rupal Patel’s work several times before, but it never ever gets old. So much of our personality, she’s told me before, is tied up in our voice. That ends up meaning a lot to someone who can’t use their voice to communicate. Patel is working on a technology that not only […]

  • In a bad mood? Change the channel

    Lifespan Emotional Development LabResearch suggests that older adults maintain their happier outlook through different emotion regulation strategies. With a new grant from the National Institute on Aging, associate professor Derek Isaacowitz will examine how our multimedia choices play into that.

  • Weekly Webcrawl

    It’s that time of the week again! And we have much to celebrate, other than it being Friday… FIRST: The blobfish!! SECOND: Voyager 1 made it to the outer galaxy on August 25th! We’re just finding out about it today because a) it took so long for the data to make it all the way […]

  • Archivist sees bright future in collections of past

    Giordana MecagniGiordana Mecagni, the new university archivist and head of special collections, is ready to increase the scope of the Archives and Special Collections Department, which preserves valuable collections that documents the history of both Northeastern and Boston.

  • Flippers up! Diving into the Marine Science Center

    About 35 minutes north of Boston sits one of Northeastern’s single greatest gems. Perhaps once it’s best kept secret, the Marine Science Center is now going through a serious coming of age, nearly fifty years after it was established. With the kick-off of the Urban Coastal Sustainability Initiative last year, the MSC has been growing […]

  • These apps were made for walking

    Personal Health InformaticsOlder adults, and especially those from minority communities, are often overlooked in the development of healthcare-promotion technologies. New work from associate professor Timothy Bickmore targets these populations specifically, and it looks like the strategy is working.

  • Faculty News

    On September 23, Dan Adams, assistant professor of architecture, and Marie Law Adams, lecturer in architecture, will celebrate the opening of a new public park that they designed on reclaimed industrial land along the Chelsea waterfront. Dubbed the PORT (Publicly Organized Recreation Territory), the park is located in an active industrial dock where roadway salt […]

  • Northeastern Hosts 2013 SWIM CONFERENCE

    Lack  of clean  water is responsible  for more deaths in the world than war, a stark fact that has made global water access  a National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenge—and  a potential  point of leadership  for researchers and business  innovators in Massachusetts. To help advance  that goal, the D’Amore-McKim  School of Business sponsored the second […]

  • Protect Researchers Develop Solutions to Groundwater Pollution in Puerto Rico

    Researchers  in Northeastern’s Puerto Rico Testsite for Exploring Contamination Threats center are advancing innovative approaches to mitigating the groundwater contamination that is suspected of contributing to a preterm birthrate in Puerto Rico that is the highest among the states and territories of the United States. PROTECT,   a collaboration  of experts  in engineering,  public health, and biomedical […]

  • Planning for Disaster

    Center for Resilience Studies Launched The  university has established  a new interdisciplinary research center in the College  of Social Sciences and Humanities  to address the rising threat of natural and man made disasters by promoting  the development of resilient  systems, networks,  and infrastructure  that can withstand and recover quickly from catastrophe. The Center for Resilence […]

  • Why spite?

    Spite, in the words of Merriam and Webster, is “the desire to hurt, annoy, or offend someone.” But I like this definition better: “Spite [is] the shady relative of altruism.” If altruism is costly behavior that helps another, spiteful characters pay to harm another. This is how Northeastern assistant professor of philosophy Rory Smead describes […]

  • Weekly Webcrawl

    I caught an unfortunate glimpse of the show “Alien Autopsy” the other day. Why do we need to make up silly stuff like that when the world is already so mysterious all on its own? Case in point: “Weird web-tower things” in the Amazon. A though provoking post by RadioLab host Robert Krulwich about the […]