Animal Procurement

All live animals used for research or instructional activities must be included in a protocol fully approved by the NU-IACUC. Please follow the guidelines listed below:

  • All animals must be purchased through the DLAM Administrative office. All animals will be purchased by DLAM from an Approved Animal Vendor (see list below). Animals requested from other institutions or "atypical vendors" must go through the Import/Export process. Please refer the to the NU-IACUC policy on Importation and Exportation of Animals. Investigators found circumventing the Import/Export process and causing an outbreak in the NU colonies may have their research rights revoked by the NU-IACUC.
  • Prior arrangements must be made with DLAM for all animals that will need special housing, i.e. immune-compromised animals.
  • All animal orders must be submitted on a AnimalRequisition.doc

  • All animal requisitions must be thoroughly and completely filled out to ensure that the order is properly placed. Attention should be given to the protocol and account numbers, the quantities, species, strain, age, sex, and weight of the animal(s), the vendor, and the requested date of delivery. Special care requirements should also be noted in the space provided. Be sure to include the Principal Investigator's name and telephone number. The requisition must bear the appropriate authorized signature to verify the account number. Completed requisitions should be submitted in the office at 21 Mugar.
  • All animal orders must be submitted at least 48 hours prior to the requested arrival date. Time must be given to ensure availability, to set up for the incoming animals and to give sufficient time to process the order. Often certain strains/age/size animals are not always available. Orders placed less than 48 hours in advance will be considered an "emergency order" and will be charged a $10.00 processing fee. Laboratory personnel placing the order will be informed of this when the order is placed.
  • For each animal order, the number of animals purchased will be subtracted from the total number of animals approved for that protocol. Once that number has reached zero, investigators must submit an amendment to the NU-IACUC requesting an increase in the number of originally requested animals. Only after that approval can additional animals be ordered.

Approved Animal Vendor List:

  • Charles River Laboratories
    Rats, mice, hamsters and gerbils
    Delivery Days: Tuesdays, Thursdays
  • Taconic Farms
    Rats and mice
    Delivery Days: Tuesdays, Thursdays
  • Jackson Laboratories
    Delivery Days: Tuesdays
  • Harlan
    Rats, Mice, and Hamsters
    Delivery Days: Wednesdays
  • Milbrook Farm
    Delivery Days: Tuesdays, Thursdays
  • Covance
    Delivery Days: Wednesdays
  • Kons Scientific
    Delivery Days: On request - no Monday delivery
  • Connecticut Valley
    Delivery Days: On request - no Monday delivery
  • Sullivan
    Delivery Days: On request - no Monday delivery
  • Lemberger Company
    Delivery Days: On request - no Monday delivery
  • Spafas (Charles River)
    Delivery Day: Wednesday
  • Elm Hill Breeding Labs
    Guinea Pigs
    Delivery Days: Tuesday, Thursday