Center for Resilience Studies Launched

The  university has established  a new interdisciplinary research center in the College  of Social Sciences and Humanities  to address the rising threat of natural and man made disasters by promoting  the development of resilient  systems, networks,  and infrastructure  that can withstand and recover quickly from catastrophe.

The Center for Resilence Studies, founded in July, is affiliated  with the Kostas Research Institute for Homeland Security, and will focus on developing effective approaches to averting the kinds of social and economic  disruption caused by Hurricane  Sandy last fall.

“One  thing we must stop doing  is neglecting our nation’s critical infrastructure  such  as transportation systems, the  electric  grid,  fresh  water and  waste-water treatment systems that underpin  our daily lives,” said political science professor Stephen Flynn, the CRS  founding director. “When  these  systems become brittle because of age and overuse, they will fail badly as they did in New York City.”

Flynn,  is the principal  investigator for a multi-university project that is examining  the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Funded  by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation,  the project is a partnership  with Columbia  University, New York University, Stevens In- stitute of Technology, and the Wharton School  of the University of Pennsylvania.

The  Center  for Resilience Studies is leading an effort to create the Global Network for Resilience  Research,  a consortium of research institutes from countries around the world,including Israel, Germany, Singapore, France, Sweden, and Canada.

To uniquely prepare the next gen- eration of homeland  security and emergency management leaders, Northeastern  is also launching  a first-in-the-nation master’s program in resilience  studies this fall.