Supplier Diversity

Northeastern University is committed to promoting business activity with minority, women and small locally-owned companies. Procurement Services has been charged with the day-to-day responsibility of managing the program.  An aggressive outreach program has been instituted to identify and establish business relationships with minority, women, small and locally-owned companies.  This commitment enjoys the support of the President and senior officers of the University. For this reason the University has established goals to ensure a measurebale rate of success and incorporation.

  • Northeastern will direct 10% of non-Northeastern IMP design/construction spending at Northeastern to W/MBEs within three years.
  • Northeastern will commit to increasing business with SLBEs to 20% of its discretionary spending and W/MBEs to 12% of discretionary spending within ten years.
  • Northeastern will continue to hold vendor fairs, including events targeted specifically to SLBEs and W/MBEs.

The transparency in sharing our goals with the community at large signifies our commitment and highlights necessary areas of improvement. We aim to use this platform of economic opportunity to leverage supplier diversity in the way we do business. Unitedly the Northeastern University community endeavours to surpass our set goals.

FY2016 (June 2015 to July 2016)

Show below are results based on "total addressable" spend possible by underepresented businesses.   



If your company defines itself as women, minority and local small business supplier and believe that a market for commodities or services exists at Northeastern University we excitedly welcome you to our University. Please contact Procurement Services to discuss possible business ventures with the University.