Diversity & Dining

In October 2017, the Procurement Services launched America-To-Go (ATG) through its Busines-2-Business (B2B) myMarketplace platform. ATG is a technology partner that enables restaurants and caterers of our choice to establish and maintain a B2B sales channel with Northeastern University.

Once part of the ATG program, participating restaurants and caterers enjoy online and increased visibility to all end users at Northeastern who regularly spend budget dollars.

To enhance our commitment to supplier diversity, Northeastern is only inviting select restaurants and caterers to participate and take advantage of this amazing growth opportunity. See below for a current participant listing.

2017-October Introductions

· The Ancient Baker

· Down Home Delivery & Catering

· Fresh Food Generation

· Wicked Catering

Please note: NU staff who are existing business customers of any of the above vendors, must place all future orders with these vendors through myMarketplace.

For a full menu, pricing, and other details, staff and faculty should access the America-To-Go punch-out catalog through the MyMarketplace system.

If you are not yet a user of myMarketplace, please complete and return the access form found here: http://www.northeastern.edu/purchasing/mymarketplace/access.html 

For additional assistance about this program, please contact our ATG account manager. The account manager will be able to answer questions or direct them to the appropriate person within the NU Procurement team.

· Audrey Emmer | Audrey.Emmer@americatogo.com