Preferred Suppliers

This is a Reference Guide for University Purchasing Agreements and University-wide contracts.

These contractual arrangements have been negotiated by Procurement Services on behalf of the University Community.

The contract pricing is based upon Northeastern's aggregate purchasing volume for the specific good or service. Each contract is governed by terms and conditions that protect the interests of the University.

We have changed the format of our Preferred Suppliers page. University members can now access all preferred supplier information in SharePoint.

In some cases you will need to use your NUNET username and password to gain access to the Preferred Supplier Page.

This format allows Procurement Services to post supplier contract pricing.


SharePoint IconPreferred Suppliers

NOTE: NUNET username and password maybe required.

Some of our suppliers provide special rates for personal use; click here for more information.

Consortium Memberships

For additional discounts and pre-vetted services, Northeastern University is also affiliated with the following consortium groups:

MHEC (General -

E&I (General) -

US Communities (General) -

Vizient Novation (Medical Supplies) -