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Notice to Suppliers and Potential Suppliers of Fraudulent Email Activity Involving Orders

This notice is to alert you to an active email scam involving purchase orders and request for product quotations that purport to originate from Northeastern University, but are, in fact, fraudulent. While the university cannot prevent this illegal activity, it has informed law enforcement.  

Please be cautious and alert to potentially false emails and order documentation, and carefully review unsolicited POs purporting to be from the university, especially if NU is not already a customer of yours.  Here are some common traits or themes of these fraudulent emails that may help reduce risk to your company of becoming a victim of this financial scam:

-The email message is poorly written, with misspellings and awkward sentence structure.

-The senders' email address or website link are not authentic to Northeastern University.

-The message requests shipment of product to non-NU addresses.

-The message may include an attachment that is designed to look like an NU purchase order, may include a logo or other graphic, and a signature that seems legitimate, but may have  misspellings or others errors that indicate it is not legitimate.

If you have any questions as to the authenticity of a purchase order or request for quotation that purports to be from Northeastern, please contact us directly.  If you believe that you have received a fraudulent email that claims to be from Northeastern, you should forward it, via email to Jim Stack (, Procurement Services, to verify its legitimacy before responding to the email or filling the order.

We understand this may be part of a massive nationwide scam, targeting educational institutions in particular.  The university accepts no liability for goods shipped based on fraudulent emails, purchase orders, or other documentation purporting to be from Northeastern, and will not pay invoices, damages or expenses of any supplier deceived by the fraud.  

Procurement Services and Northeastern University value our partnership with our suppliers and appreciate the very important role they play in providing goods and services to our faculty, students, and staff in support of their academic and research endeavors.  Please be assured that we are reporting all fraudulent emails of which we become aware to the appropriate personnel.

Michael McNamara

Director Procurement Services

Northeastern University

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177 Huntington Ave 8th floor

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Hello All

We are excited to announce a new contract with Fisher Scientific. It is thre result of a joint effort with six other Boston Universities.

Please see the details below.

Announcement: New Fisher Scientific contract provides savings of 8%-10%

Northeastern University in collaboration with MIT, Tufts, Boston University,

Boston College, Brandeis and Suffolk recently issued a request for proposal.

The purpose was to select a primary supplier for laboratory consumables

and supplies based on combined expenditures.

Following an extensive bid process, Fisher Scientific was awarded a contract

that provides superior service and quality products at very competitive prices.

In addition to reducing costs by 8%-10%, Fisher Scientific will provide an

enhanced team of sales and technical support. The attached document

provides an overview of the various benefits offered.

Procurement Services would like to thank Anthony Rini and David Navick

from the Office of the Provost, and colleagues in the scientific community

who participated in focus groups and supplier presentations. Their efforts

helped to ensure Northeastern’s unique research requirements were

incorporated into the new contract.

The agreement is effective immediately and it can be accessed thru myMarkeplace.

Fisher Scientific has been designated as Northeastern’s primary vendor for scientific supplies.

Please support this new contract as much as possible.

For any questions about this agreement please contact Procurement Services

at 617-373-2135 or

Please feel free to contact our department for any of your procurement needs.

Mike McNamara
Director of Procurement Services