Staff & Contact Information

The Northeastern Procurement Services department is organized on a commodity basis. Each buyer is responsible for purchasing specific goods and services for the university (refer to goods and services assignments below).

Procurement Services is located at 177 Huntington Ave. Boston, MA 02115

NU Mailstop: 810-177

Telephone: (617) 373-2135

Office hours Monday - Friday, 8:30AM to 4:30PM

Unscheduled sales calls cannot be accommodated.

Staff Goods and Services

Michael McNamara


Director of Procurement Services

Directs the Activities of Procurement Services.
Manages Strategic Sourcing for Projects and Contracts.

Fernando Prieto

staff photo

Associate Director of Procurement Services

Jim Stack

Issues Requests for Proposals. Development of Strategic Supplier Agreements. 

Direct Contact For: 
A/V Equipment & Supplies, Computers/ PC's, Computer Paper, Computer Software, Computer Supplies, Cylinder Gases, Fax Machines, Furniture (major projects), Medical Supplies, Printers (HP), Vehicles, Scientific Supplies & Equipment



Issues Requests for Proposals. Development of Strategic Supplier Agreements. 

Direct Contact For: 
Travel Services, Auto Parts, Building Maintenance Supplies, Cleaning Supplies, Electrical Services & Supplies, Elevator Repair Services, General Construction, Glass Replacement Services, HVAC Materials, Hardware Supplies, Painters, Plumbing Supplies, Snow Removal Services, Tools, Fuel Oil, Cellular Phones, Appliances

Denise Young


Issues Requests for Proposals. Development of Strategic Supplier Agreements.

Direct Contact For: 
Office Supplies - Staples questions, Spring Water, Furniture, Furnishing, Carpet, Temporary Staffing, Toner Cartridges, Coffee Services, Relocation Assistance & Independent Contractors

Laura Doremus

Issues Requests for Proposals, Development of Strategic Supplier Agreements.

Direct Contact For:
Design Services, Printed Forms, Photocopying, Printing Services, Corporate Consulting Agreements, Sub Contract Awards, Software Licenses & Catering

William Oo (starts July 6, 2016)

Operations Support lead: Req/PO processing, supplier administration, myMarketplace administration

Blanca Teixeira


Principle customer service contact for University community.
Develops and administers training for University personnel on Procurement related functions in Banner and NU Marketplace.  Provides general procurement information