Internet Security

• Shop online only with companies you know. If you don't know a company, ask for a print catalog before you decide to order electronically.

• Use a secure browser that will encrypt or scramble purchase information. If you don't have encryption software, consider calling the merchant's 800 number, faxing your order or paying by check. Or look for software that can be downloaded from the Internet for free.

• Never give anyone your bank account number, Social Security number or other personal information that isn't absolutely needed to complete a transaction.

• Never give out your Internet password. Your online provider will not ask for your password other than at first log-in. Change your password often and be creative.

Social Networking Safety

• When using social networking sites never post personal identification information or photographs that could be used for identity theft. Never provide personal information to people you do not know, remember not only "your friends" can obtain access to your site.

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