Home and Apartment Security

• Check your locks and doors to ensure that there are proper locking mechanisms in place.

• Do not leave accessible windows or doors unlocked, even if you are leaving for just a few minutes.

• Most residential burglaries happen during the day-time when no one is home.

• Thieves hate lights. Leave a light or radio on when not a home or use timers to make it appear someone is home.

• Keep your yard clean. Prune back shrubbery so it doesn't hide doors or windows. Cut back tree limbs that a thief could use to climb to an upper-level window.

• When planning to be away for more than a day or two; leave shades, blinds and curtains in normal positions, and don't let mail pile up. Call the post office to stop delivery or have a neighbor pick it up.

• Make a list of your valuables - TV's, DVD's, stereos, computers, jewelry. Take photos of the items, list their serial numbers and description. Check with law enforcement about engraving your valuables through Operation Identification.

• If something looks questionable - a slit screen, a broken window or an open door - don't go in. Call the police from a safe location.

• Alarms can be a good investment, especially if you have many valuables in your home, or live in an isolated area or one with a history of break-ins.

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