Staying Safe While Walking In The City

• Know the neighborhoods where you live and work. Check out the locations of police and fire stations, public telephones, and hospitals, restaurants and stores that are open late.

• Stick to well-traveled streets. Avoid shortcuts through wooded areas, parking lots or alleys.

• Don't flash large amounts of cash or other tempting targets such as expensive jewelry or clothing.

• Carry a purse close to your body, not dangling by the straps. Put a wallet in an inside coat or front pants pocket, not a back pocket.

• If someone tries to rob you, don't resist. Give up your property; don't give up your life. Report the crime to the police. Try to describe the attacker accurately. Your actions can help prevent others from becoming victims.

• Try to use automated teller machines in the daytime. Have your card in hand, and don't approach the machine if you're uneasy about people nearby.

• Don't wear shoes or clothing that restrict your movements.

• Have your car, apartment or residence key in hand before you reach the door.

• If you think someone is following you, switch direction or cross the street. Walk toward an open store, restaurant or public building. Do not hesitate to yell for help or call the police emergency number.

• Have to work late? Make sure there are others in the building, and ask someone - a colleague or friend - to walk you to your car or transit stop. Remember, the Public Safety Division provides safety escort services on campus 24 hours a day.

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