Bicycle Theft Prevention

• Always lock you bicycle when parked in a public place.

• We recommend using a rigid U-shaped lock. Chain and cable locks can be defeated easily by a thief.

• Keep a record of your original purchase receipts and any bicycle serial numbers.

• Remember: the newer the bicycle the more desirable to thieves.

• Identify and mark you bicycle. Engrave, tape, paint and other means are helpful ways to personalize your bicycle and keep a photo of your bicycle on record.

• Lock your bicycle to a fixed, immovable object such as a bicycle rack.

• Always lock your bicycle in a visible and well-lighted area.

• Select a location where there are other bicycles.

• Don't lock your bicycle to small trees, aluminum or wooded posts or chain link fences - these items can be easily broken or cut.

• Don't lock your bicycle to railings on steps or ramps as this interferes with those who have site or mobility impairments.

• Position your bicycle frame and wheels so that you fill or take up as much open space within the U-portion of the lock as possible. The tighter the lock up, the harder it is for thieves to use tools to attack your lock.

Ride Safety

• Always wear a helmet and follow traffic safety rules. Practice defensive riding.

Important Note: Massachusetts Law requires children under the age of 13 years, who operate a bicycle or who ride as a passenger on a bike on a public way or bike path, to wear a properly fitted and fastened helmet. Approved helmets have an ASTM, SNELL or ANSI 90.4 certification sticker. For more information on helmet safety, visit the Massachusetts Governor's Highway Safety Bureau Web site at

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