Fire Safety in Residence Halls

The Division's Fire Safety Unit administers an aggressive program of regular inspection, testing and maintenance of university premises to ensure compliance with applicable fire and life safety codes and standards.

The division conducts regular egress drills and provides a variety of educational and training programs in fire safety and prevention techniques for students, faculty and staff.


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Fires and Fire Alarms

  • If you hear an alarm, leave the building immediately.
  • If you witness a fire, pull a fire alarm pull station.
  • Pull stations are located on each floor of every residence hall near the exits.

Escaping a Fire

  • If the door to your room feels hot, do not open it.
  • Seal the cracks around the door with clothing to prevent smoke from entering the room.
  • If outside air is clear, open window and wave a sheet to attract attention.
  • If the door is cool, open it and proceed to nearest exit.
  • Close doors behind you to limit the spread of fire and smoke.
  • If there is smoke in the hall, stay low where the air is freshest.
  • A wet cloth over your face will also help you breathe.
  • Never use elevators during a fire.
  • Remember to leave immediately.
  • Do not try to save possessions. Doing so could cost you your life.
  • Special procedures are in place to assist physically disabled occupants during an evacuation, residents are urged to consult with their Residence Director or the Public Safety Division's Fire Safety Unit for specific information.

Egress Drills

  • Egress drills in residence halls are conducted at least once each semester.

False Alarms

  • Causing a false alarm is a crime.
  • False alarms endanger building occupants and responding police and firefighters.
  • False alarms can cause some residents to become nonchalant, failing to leave during a real emergency.
  • Students identified as being responsible for intentionally causing a false alarm face suspension from the university and criminal prosecution.

Fire Safety Reminders

  • Do not allow trash to accumulate.
  • Do not dispose of cigarettes in wastebaskets.
  • The use of candles is prohibited in residence halls.
  • Do not overload electrical outlets or use prohibited appliances.
  • Never run extension cords under rugs or plug heavy cords into smaller extension cords.
  • Holiday decorations can be dangerous.
  • If you burn your food, open a window to air out the smoke. Do not tamper with smoke detectors or fire alarm horns.
  • Do not wedge open corridor or stairwell doors; they can control the spread of fire.
  • Do not tolerate horseplay with fire extinguishers and safety equipment. Fire extinguishers only work when they are charged.