Phone, Text Messages, and E-mail Harassment

Annoying, harassing or obscene telephone calls, text messages and e-mails are illegal. University Police can assist you in minimizing and eliminating these annoyances.

Filing a Complaint

Keep a running log of the dates and times you received calls.

Contact the Northeastern University Police Department at (617) 373-2121.

Forward the police case number to your provider when you open a case with them.

The trace information will only be released to the police agency with which you filed the official report.

  • Personal Safety Threats

    If you live in university housing, are a staff member on campus, or live in the area and the perpetrator has made threats against your personal safety, immediately contact the Northeastern University Police at (617) 373-3333.

  • Tracing Calls

    Contact your service provider to learn how to trap and trace annoying communications.