Police Department


University police officers are commissioned in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 22C Section 63 of the Massachusetts General Laws, and have full law enforcement authority in and upon all property owned, occupied or used by the university.

The division recognizes its responsibility to provide crime prevention and emergency police services to members of the Northeastern community while they are in the immediate campus neighborhood, as well as when on official campus property. To that end, university police officers also hold commissions as deputy sheriffs in Suffolk County, providing them with the authority to exercise police duties on the public streets and other areas of the city contiguous to the campus.

All newly appointed university police officers are graduates of a police academy conducted or sanctioned by the Massachusetts State Police or Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council. Recruit training academies consist of several months of full-time, in-depth training in all aspects of police operations and are followed by several weeks of field training under the close supervision of a field training officer. Annual in-service refresher training is provided to all officers, and officers are also frequently assigned to attend in-depth training in a wide variety of specialized topics, such as crime prevention theory and the investigation of sexual assaults and bias-motivated crime, as well as other subjects that enhance the ability of the division to provide comprehensive public safety services.

The Public Safety Division maintains a close working relationship with the Boston Police Department, state and federal law enforcement agencies and all appropriate elements of the criminal justice system. Crime related reports and statistics are routinely exchanged.

Community Service Officers(Security)

Full-time security officers and Northeastern students employed as police cadets supplement the full-time professional police officers. The officers perform patrol, inspection and/or related protective service duties in support of the mission of the division to provide a comprehensive program of security, parking, fire safety and related public safety services to protect lives and safeguard the property of the university.

Command and Supervisory Staff

The command and supervisory staff of the division is encouraged to participate actively in professional associations that foster increased proficiency in their areas of responsibility.

Members of the staff maintain active membership as well as leadership positions in the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators, Northeast Colleges and Universities Security Associations, Massachusetts Association of College and University Public Safety Directors, Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, Greater Boston Campus Police Criminal Information Exchange, Massachusetts Crime Prevention Officers Association and New England Campus Fire Safety Officers Association.

Special Services Unit (Detectives and Crime Prevention)

The Special Services Unit is composed of the Detective Unit and Crime Prevention Unit. The unit is commanded by a Detective Lieutenant and consists of a Detective Sergeant and several Detectives and Police Officers who provide comprehensive investigative and crime prevention services for the entire department and university community. An upperclass cooperative education student employed as a police cadet provides administrative support to the unit.

Fire Safety

The Division's Fire Safety Unit administers an aggressive program of regular inspection, testing and maintenance of university premises to ensure compliance with applicable fire and life safety codes and standards, conducting regular egress drills and providing a variety of educational and training programs in fire safety and prevention techniques for students, faculty and staff.