If you are considering an honors project in Psychology, please contact Prof. Isaacowitz as soon as possible — it is never too early to start planning ahead for it.

Requirements for an Honors Research Thesis for Psychology Majors

The Department of Psychology offers outstanding students an opportunity to compete an empirical research project that allows them to graduate with Honors in the College of Science.

Eligibility for Honors in College of Science in Psychology includes:

      1. A minimum GPA ≥ 3.5 in all psychology (PSYC) courses.
      2. Complete 8 SH of supervised, independent research with a faculty mentor.
        • Two Honors Project courses (PSYC4970 and PSYC4971) or
        • One Directed Study Research Course (PSYC4991) and one Honors Project Course (PSYC4970).
      3. A written Thesis approved by a committee of the Psychology Department prior to graduation
      4. Additional Submissions:
        • (1) Bound Copy for the Department’s archive   
        • (2) A digital file of the thesis submitted to University Libraries IRis digital archive (see Prof. Isaacowitz for assistance with this process)

Details and Procedures for completing the Research Thesis for COS Honors in Psychology can be found on the Department’s website. Please see Honors Project Paperwork (PDF) for details.

Note: Students who complete a honors project are encouraged to place a poster of their thesis work on the designated bulletin board in the first floor hallway of Nightingale Hall.

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