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Martin L. Block

Specialization: Animal Behavior
Lab: Comparitive Psychology Research Lab
Dr. Block’s comparative research program seeks to identify the roles of environmental, cognitive and other psychological variables that regulate species-typical and uncommon behaviors used by birds and mammals in adapting to their ecological conditions. The subjects of current studies are a variety of species, e.g., Western Lowland Gorillas, African Wild Dogs, and New Zealand Kea parrots, that live at the local zoological park in Boston. The research specifically investigates the changes in behavior patterns and problem-solving strategies of individuals and groups following enrichment of their environment, or periodic introductions of novel cognitive tasks, that simulate aspects of their natural ecological niche. In addition, an ongoing long-term study involves finding ways of accurately describing the personality characteristics of Western Lowland gorillas and the developmental behavior patterns of young gorillas.

Perrin Cohen

Specialization: Ethics, Learning and Motivation
Dr. Cohen was Founder and Director of Northeastern University’ Ethics Education Center (NUCASE) for 14 years. As Director, he developed cross-disciplinary ethics education programs, workshops, training and courses in business, health sciences, engineering, education, criminal justice and work-integrated learning. His current research and teaching focus on helping students bring reflective ethical engagement and inquiry into everyday situations(e.g., clinic, laboratory, workplace).

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