Psychology student attends dinner with diplomats!

Nawar Al Barak, a psychology major from Kuwait City, Kuwait, was recently invited to a dinner with diplomats in Washington, D.C., as part of her service on the board of the National Union of Kuwaiti Students! Nawar talks about her experience below.

I am a board member of an organization called The National Union of Kuwaiti Students – USA Branch. It is a huge organization in Kuwait and the US branch is the most successful in accomplishing our overall goals: connecting with the students. 

NUKS has a few different aspects to it which includes dealing with political institutions to ensure student affairs are in order (the majority are on government scholarship), hosting events all around the country to connect with students, and hosting our annual conference during Thanksgiving break which welcomes over 3,000 students and esteemed personalities from Kuwait. 

A few weeks ago, the Amir of Kuwait visited Washington DC to meet with President Obama and a few other important people in the area. A dinner was hosted on his behalf and I along with 2 of my colleagues on the board of NUKS (the current President of NUKS and the treasurer) were invited to attend this intimate dinner. Hosted by the Ambassador and his family, guests included the Amir, the heads of our cultural departments based in DC and LA, influential politicians from Kuwait, and a few high ranking military personnel. 

As NUKS board members, we are in good personal contact with most of the attendees, however, it was a good opportunity to socialize with them and discuss our upcoming conference in a social situation as opposed to professional. Many guests of the dinner party are also esteemed guests at our conference and a few are important sponsors.

All the guests enjoyed a spectacular Kuwaiti dinner and everyone had the opportunity to briefly meet with the Amir and take a quick picture. The rest of the evening was a social experience and a comfortable place to catch up with professional friends and acquaintances.

(Left to right: NUKS President, Nawar, NUKS Treasurer)

Thank you for sharing your experience, Nawar!