Stefanie Tignor


Stefanie Tignor

Graduate Student
Department of Psychology, 125-NI
Northeastern University
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 373-8714 (fax)


C. Randall Colvin


I am a third-year graduate student pursuing my Ph.D. in Psychology with a focus in Social and Personality Psychology with Dr. Randy Colvin.  My research background has foundations in both the biological and psychological sciences, including interdisciplinary community-wide studies of personality and life history narratives. Here at Northeastern, my work broadly concerns the perceptual nature of traits. Specifically, I am interested in how an individual’s own personality colors his or her perceptions of others’ personality and affect, and which traits promote accuracy over bias. Some additional areas of interest include self-knowledge, person by situation interactions, individual differences in emotional experience, and investigating the utility of technology, such as cell phones and mobile tracking devices, in personality research.

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