Mollie Ruben

Mollie Ruben

Graduate Student
Department of Psychology,125-NI
Northeastern University
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 373-8541 (office)
(617) 373-8714 (fax)
Social Interaction Lab


Judy Hall


I am a fifth-year graduate student in Professor Judith Hall’s laboratory, working towards my Ph.D. in psychology. My general research interests focus on nonverbal communication and interpersonal sensitivity. More specifically, I am interested in how provider communication can impact patients’ pain experiences. I am also interested in what types of experiences lead to accurate judgments of others’ physical pain and thoughts and feelings in a medical interaction. I have worked on projects examining the effect of training programs on accuracy in judging patients’ thoughts and feelings. Finally, I am interested in LGBT health disparities, particularly pertaining to physical health outcomes. For example, I have examined how discrimination in healthcare impacts reporting of physical symptoms including pain utilizing the minority stress model.

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