Amy DiBattista

Amy DiBattista

Amy DiBattista

Graduate Student
Department of Psychology, 125-NI
Northeastern University
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 373-3077 (office)
(617) 373-8714 (fax)


Neal Pearlmutter


I am a graduate student working with Professor Neal Pearlmutter in the Sentence Processing Lab. My research focuses on the effects of semantic properties on syntactic planning in sentence production. I am specifically interested in word-order determination and planning at the level of the noun phrase.

I am currently investigating the role of semantic integration—a relatedness relationship between lexical items—in grammatical encoding. These experiments investigate semantic integration’s effects on rates of exchange errors: speech errors in which words or phrases are exchanged (e.g., saying “the letter on the stamp” when “the stamp on the letter” was intended). I am also developing experiments to investigate phrase-internal word-order planning (the planning of the adjective and noun in phrases such as “the red dress”).

In the future, I hope to incorporate my background in speech-language pathology by extending my research to include syntactic processing in people with aphasia.

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