Perrin Cohen


Perrin Cohen

Associate Professor
125 Nightingale
(617) 373-3049 (office)
(617) 373-8714 (fax)

Curriculum vitae (pdf)


Since 1990, my research has focused on the process of ethics education. I have led colleagues in developing an interdisciplinary model of ethical inquiry (AIR Model).

The model is a framework for making ethical decisions that enhance individual and organizational effectiveness and reputation, and that reduces costly mistakes. It accomplishes this by guiding individuals and organizations to be more aware, thoughtful, and responsive when it comes to the ethical challenges experienced on a daily basis.

We have documented the effectiveness of the model in the fields of business, health sciences, engineering, work-based learning, education and criminal justice. The model is constantly being evaluated and is refined on an ongoing basis.


  • Psychology & Meditation
  • Ethics in Psychology
  • Graduate seminar in Research Ethics
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