Neal Pearlmutter


Neal Pearlmutter

Associate Professor
Director, Linguistics Program
125 Nightingale
(617) 373-3040 (office)
(617) 373-8714 (fax)

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We investigate how people produce and comprehend language, focusing on mental representations and processes related to dealing with sentences. Regarding language production, we examine how people choose a particular sequence of words to express some particular meaning that they wish to convey. Regarding language comprehension, we examine how people combine the meanings of a sequence of words (like the ones in this sentence) to construct the meaning of an entire sentence.

Current topics and issues under investigation include ambiguity resolution, speech errors, interactions between memory and language processes, individual differences in language ability, cross-linguistic differences in language processing, functional neuroimaging of language processes, and interactions between detailed knowledge of word meaning and word use in sentences.

Frequently Taught Courses

  • Cognition Laboratory
  • Psychology of Language
  • Psycholinguistics Laboratory
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