Congratulations to our defending graduate students!

This summer is an exciting time in the Psychology department – six of our graduate students are either about to defend their dissertations or have already done so! Additionally, all six of them have successfully secured exciting positions for next year! We’re sorry to see them go, but wish them the very best of luck in all their future endeavors.

Martha Caffrey, whose dissertation defense took place on May 14th, will be going on to a postdoctoral research position at Columbia University within the developmental neurobiology area of the psychiatry department, studying the effects of developmental perturbations of serotonin.

Krista Hill, who successfully defended her thesis on May 10th, will be staying at Northeastern University, but in a new role – Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing! Krista will be teaching introductory marketing classes, and continuing her research on post-service recovery apologies and the role of emotion in consumer behavior.

Sun Park, who defended on June 3rd, has accepted a three-year Visiting Assistant Professor position at Centre College in Kentucky.

Sarah Gunnery, whose defense occurred on June 7th, will be moving just across town, to Tufts University, where she will be a postdoc in the Health Quality of Life Lab with Dr. Linda Tickle-Degnen.

Allison Seitchik, whose defense will take place later this summer, has accepted a position as a College Fellow at Harvard University! This role is primarily a teaching position, but also includes opportunities for research under Dr. Mahzarin Banaji.

Jiehui Qian, who will be defending in August, will be taking on a lecturership position in the psychology department at Sun Yat-Sen University, in Guangzhou, China, a role which offers opportunities for research as well as teaching.

Congratulations, grad students – we’ll miss you!