Trainee Individual Development Plans

IDP Mission: The purpose of the IDP is to further the key goals of the Training Core, which are:

  • Enable trainees to understand and integrate the problems and concepts of health impacts assessment of contaminated systems, contaminant detection, fate and transport, exposure routes, remediation, and information management;
  • Develop trainee competence in the applied research methods underlying core activities;
  • Advance trainee technical, professional and personal skills/knowledge/attitudes to motivate and prepare them for successful careers in these fields;
  • Provide opportunities for our trainees to participate in and contribute to Community Engagement Core (CEC) and Research Translation Core (RTC) activities;
  • Promote environmental health fields to underrepresented populations through recruitment activities; and
  • Serve as a resource for the RTC for training opportunities to the greater SRP community.

IDP Activities Menu (link): The IDP guides trainees by asking them to select a set of activities from the activities menu that will help them prepare to pursue their studies and career aspirations. The IDP also provides trainees with the option to propose/create their own activities, which can either be unique to their career goals, or can even be added to the activities menu.

IDP Form (link): The IDP form is designed to assist trainees in documenting their professional development plans during the year.  Trainees are encouraged to reflect on their IDP as the year progresses, returning to their IDP form to make changes and updates.

PROTECT Trainee Development Awards (link): Trainees who would like to be considered for the PROTECT Trainee Development Awards will be asked to submit a final report on their IDP activities in the Spring of 2015. The winners of the award will receive financial support to attend a conference or visit an affiliated lab as part of their trainee experience.

More information on the IDP Activities Menu and Form below:

In addition to the *required activities, please choose 2-3 other activities that will contribute to your goal(s).

*Required activities: attend Town Meetings and Webinars.

  • Target activities that you may want to consider:
    • Working with a team of trainees to develop a recruiting sheet or brochure about environmental health fields. This would be handed out at conferences and career fairs that PROTECT representatives attend.
    • Creating videos suitable for YouTube or PROTECT website to introduce you, your discipline and what you do in a lab or in other research activities (e.g., out in the field collecting samples)

When selecting your IDP Activities, you may want to consider the following as they pertain to your career goals:

  • Integration – activity will help me work across multiple projects/cores, and/or gain a better understanding of another discipline
  • Research methods – activity will develop my competence in research methods (e.g., procedures, analysis methods)
  • Community Engagement Core involvement – activity will allow me interact with a community impacted by environmental health issues (can be the Puerto Rico community or other community close to your institution)
  • Research Translation Core involvement – activity will promote transferring my engineering/science knowledge to government policy, lead to a patent, or help disseminate

After you have completed the form (linked above), please save the file in following format: LastNameIDP14-15.docx. Please send as an attachment to