Enrichment Core B: Research Translation

The Research Translation Core (RTC) provides coordination and leadership across PROTECT to ensure that all research is widely translated to stakeholders (federal/state/local, particularly to the entire SRP community and EPA and ATSDR), policymakers, professional societies/groups, industry, the university research community, non-profits, and broader public audiences. The RTC collaborates with PROTECT projects and cores to foster investigator-initiated research translation originating from these projects and from Center activities. The RTC meets regularly with each project leader to coordinate research translation for Center research and provides support for staff and trainees on translational work.

The RTC does this through five aims:

  • Aim 1: Publicize and emphasize to EPA, ATSDR, and other stakeholders the significance and/or relevance of program findings for public policy, public health, and prevention
  • Aim 2: Build partnerships with stakeholders to respond to requests, develop capacity, and improve understanding of Center findings
  • Aim 3: Serve as the bridge between investigators, partners and stakeholders to foster commercial development, utilization and translation of the knowledge gained by the SRP program into tools, strategies or technologies, in an efficient and timely manner
  • Aim 4: Collaborate with other PROTECT cores for enhanced sharing of information, materials and best practices outside of PROTECT
  • Aim 5: Communicate PROTECT work to SRP Headquarters and to the national SRP community


Phil Brown, Core Leader

University Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Health Sciences
Director, Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute
Northeastern University