Administrative Core

The Administrative Core provides coordination and leadership across PROTECT to ensure the success of all projects and cores.  The Administrative Core works closely with the enrichment cores (Research Translation, Community Engagement and Training) to facilitate coordinate all dissemination of Center activities, develop technology transfer, organize conferences, communicate with SRP, develop educational activities and conduct webinars that alternate between internal discussions and external activities for the national SRP and environmental health community. The Administrative Core facilitates communication between the research support cores (Human Subjects and Data Management Cores) and projects, and promotes new interactions between projects, as well as for sharing with the SRP and environmental health community.

The specific aims of the Administrative Core are to (1) provide center leadership and coordination; (2) facilitate and ensure integration of cross-disciplinary, multi-university activities; (3) provide fiscal management and administrative services and monitor resources and expenditures; (4) maintain smooth interaction with external advisory committee members and active communication with the NIEHS, EPA and SRP; (5) provide center documentation, reporting and assessment; and (6) promote PROTECT activities among the participating institutions, government and industry.

Akram Alshawabkeh, Core Leader

George A. Snell Professor of Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Associate Dean for Research, Northeastern University - website

Anne Magrath

Director of Finance & Research Contracts Administration Operations
Northeastern University

Lura Slowinski, Program Assistant

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Northeastern University