September 2016 Spotlight

Puerto Rico Is Challenged by the Zika Epidemic

In late March of this year, PROTECT posted an article describing some of the steps that were being taken in Puerto Rico to prepare for the inevitable spread of the Zika virus on the island. Five months later, Zika transmission in Puerto Rico is no longer an emerging threat, but an ongoing reality.

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Where are Superfund Sites in Puerto Rico?

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9/29: Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Webcast: Zika in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Beyond (1-2pm ET)
10/17: October Webinar: Early Career Panel (1-2pm ET)
10/25: USGS Webinar: Karst, critters, and climate change: A multidisciplinary evaluation of karst species vulnerability to climate change (3pm ET)
11/7: November Webinar: Geary Schindel (1-2pm ET)
12/5-8/16: Conference: NIEHS Environmental Health Fest, NC
12/12: December Webinar: Brenda Rivera (1-2pm ET)


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