President Aoun talks with a group of students

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LA artist ‘El Mac’ brings mural to Northeastern campus

President Aoun and El Mac share their excitement for Northeastern’s newest Public Art installation with the Boston Globe.

Should higher education aim to secure students a paycheck, fulfillment … or both?

In this Washington Post piece, President Aoun reviews Fareed Zakaria’s new book, “In Defense of the Liberal Arts,” arguing that higher education needs to serve multiple purposes and must embrace “New Literacy” to encourage lifelong learning.

A Complete Education

In an article in Inside Higher Ed, President Aoun writes that it's time to stop trying to divide the curriculum into the liberal arts and practical training.

President Aoun talks Northeastern University-Silicon Valley with Bloomberg

President Aoun tells Bloomberg that Northeastern's pioneering new learning model in Silicon Valley is in response to the growing demand for workers with tech training, as the university's educational hub there will help companies' employees retool their skills and explore new fields.

President Aoun talks Northeastern University-Silicon Valley with Marketplace

President Aoun discusses with Marketplace why Northeastern is bringing its century-old experiential learning model and global industry network to the northern California market.