Making fun videos is a tradition

President Aoun Conducts His Commencement 2018 Exit Interviews

Graduating is easy for seniors after exams are over, right?

Well, some unsuspecting students were surprised they had one more thing they had to do before they got to walk across stage for their diploma…

Who is Alex?

A group of Northeastern freshmen thought they were participating in a focus group to test a new prototype of the Amazon Echo. But they were in for a surprise thanks to President Aoun…


President Aoun moves into Stetson West… to the surprise of his new roommate, Jake. On the weeknights, an 11 p.m. bedtime might be a little late for the president, but he parties on Friday and Saturday.

Undercover President: Pop Quiz

President Aoun goes undercover to surprise incoming freshmen from all over the globe with a quick pop quiz – testing them on their knowledge of Northeastern and, well, the president. The students might just get the last laugh, though.

PreSchool President

The kids at Northeastern’s Russell J. Call Children’s Center got a special visit from President Aoun when they were learning about Northeastern. The president even got a very special gift as he began to lead “circle time!”

Down Goes Frasier

In a world where artificial intelligence may be making some jobs obsolete – at least robots can’t give a commencement speech quite like President Aoun… or can they. The president gets a good ribbing from resident Northeastern robot Frasier.

The Presidents

In a future where Artificial Intelligence has taken over, the world looks a lot more like “The Artist” than “Terminator.” IBM Watson is the President of Northeastern University. He’ll be looking for a new painter.

Moody Roomba

Got a moody Roomba? Try a little RHUMBA! President Aoun tries to jazz up his Roomba to help prepare it to meet its creator – iRobot CEO and co-founder Colin Angle. No need for a broom, just some dancing shoes!

Everything in Reverse

Is doing everything in reverse really the right way to go about life? Well, when it’s about innovation, that just may be the case – careful though, you may just bump into a certain Northeastern President.

The Cloning Machine

How is President Aoun supposed to be in two places at one time? Well, after having a chat with the President and Co-founder of Institute for Systems Biology, Dr. Leroy Hood – he’ll try to find a way…

A Minute in President Aoun’s Shoes

President Aoun needs to break in his new custom Northeastern Chucks – and there’s no better way to do it than to cruise through campus. If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that the President really know how to show off his swag.