Upcoming Deadlines for 2014 Matrculation


For NU students and alums planning to apply this coming spring to begin your studies in August of 2014: The deadline for submitting individual letters of evaluation is Friday, March 15th. As soon as your 3 faculty letters and your clinical letter are logged in as received on MedAppTrak (see your applicant agreement for more detail about the specific definitions of these letters), you may be eligible to request a committee letter interview. Please log into MedAppTrak and review the information in the Request Committee Letter tab to understand the additional steps you must complete (including a final draft of your personal statement and completely/clearly updating all sections of MedAppTrak). The deadline for requesting a Committee Letter Interview is Monday, April 15th. We encourage you to request an interview as soon as you are eligible. Please request an interview through MedAppTrak in the Request A Committee Letter tab. Please do not delay – we have many applicants with whom to meet before May 15th. When you request an interview, be sure to list all of your available times over a two-week period. If you have any questions about these deadlines, please contact Ms. Woolfson at j.woolfson@neu.edu.

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