The Primary Application

Each of the Health Professions has a common primary application that is administered by a centralized organization. Not all schools participate in the central application services, it is your responsibility to research your school’s application processes. The links below will bring you to the application sites. Please note that these applications are extensive and take some time to fill out. Set aside an entire weekend (or the equivalent amount of time over a week) to complete the application!

Application Verification: You will need a copy of all college level transcripts to fill out your application. A part of your application will require you to input each course you have taken, including course number, name, and the grade that you earned. If you took classes outside of Northeastern, request a transcript from each school where you took courses. Some schools take a while to process these requests, so make sure to ask for them early.

You will also send official transcripts to the application processing service organization. After you have submitted your application, the processing service will compare the courses that you entered to your official transcripts to ensure that you entered courses accurately.  They will also compute your GPA. This process is called verification and it can take from 4-6 weeks.  Once your application has been verified, it will be sent to the schools to which you applied.

NOTE: The links that are provided below may change from year to year, depending upon the field of medicine you select. Please know that the NU PreHealth Advising Program will update all links each year as the opening of each application cycle approaches. However, if you do discover a broken link, please let us know. Thank you!

Allopathic Medicine

AMCAS (American Medical Colleges Application Service)

Dental Medicine

AADSAS (Associated American Dental Schools Application Service)

Optometric Medicine

OptomCAS (Optometry Centralized Application Service)

Podiatric Medicine

AACPMAS (American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine Application Service)

Osteopathic Medicine

AACOMAS (American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service)

Veterinary Medicine

VMCAS (Veterinary Medical Colleges Application Service)

NOT All US schools of veterinary medicine participate in VMCAS.