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    The purpose of the University PreHealth Advising Program is to provide resources and advising to members of the Northeastern community (students and alums) in all NU colleges and all NU fields of study regarding professional school expectations, preparation requirements, and application processes.

    Our mission is to both facilitate the success of NU applicants and be a trusted source of competent and caring health professionals. We work with students and alums considering careers in the areas of allopathic medicine (MD), osteopathic medicine, dentistry, optometry, podiatric medicine, or veterinary medicine.

    The NU PreHealth website provides access to on-line resources, a calendar of workshops, presentations, and special events, as well as information about how to request individualized advising, and how to network with other PreHealth students, NU alums who are current medical students, and healthcare professionals.

Profiles of Success

Joseph Pepe – Osteopathic Medicine

NU 2011 - B.S. Health Science; Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, Class of 2015

What led to your interest in a career in osteopathic medicine? Who or what inspired you?
I have always enjoyed the medical field.  I worked as a patient transporter in high school, which exposed me to all different aspects of the medical system.  Osteopathic medicine, in particular, has a strong emphasis on training its practitioners to be intuitive primary care physicians.  This philosophy is one of the reasons I feel the profession fits so well with my personal goals and values.  Though not all physicians serve in the primary care field, I believe that all physicians must be great general practitioners, first and foremost, no matter their level of specialization.  My experiences with emergency medicine, in particular, have shown me the importance of personalized care, which can so often be overlooked in such a hectic and fast passed field. Read more…

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