How to Obtain a MedAppTrak Account

Having a MedAppTrak account assures that you have identified yourself as a Northeastern University Student or Alumni who is planning and preparing for a future career as a healthcare professional, or as someone who is exploring a future career as a health professional. It is not your application and it doesn’t commit you to apply.

Please follow the instructions below in order to self-enroll in the MedAppTrak System and obtain a account. Doing so provides you with additional resources and periodic newsletters, e-mails about workshops, special events, and more.

You will need approximately 30 minutes to complete the enrollment process.

  • Review the PreHealth Advising Program Welcome information by downloading the PDF found at MedApp Trak Welcome or watch the YouTube at Welcome Video
  • Open the Northeastern University PreHealth Program INITIAL AGREEMENT. Make sure that you review the information, the guidelines, and the general requirements of the PreHealth Advising Program. Be sure to download a copy of the Agreement for your records.
  • Congratulations! You are almost ready to request a MedAppTrak Account.

Before you click the Complete My Registration link at the bottom of this page:

  • Select a jpg image of yourself (headshot only). You will be asked to upload it during the registration process.  Please choose a “professional” image (i.e., an image that you would send to a potential employer).
  • Reflect upon your academic career and where you are in relation to when you plan to begin your post-graduate medical education. You will be asked to provide your intended year of matriculation (entrance) to the post-graduate health professional school of your choice (i.e., after you graduate from Northeastern). You will be able to change your matriculation year at any time after your account has been created.

Please Note

After you click the complete my registration link just below, you will be asked to add your digital signature to acknowledge that you have watched the video (or have read the written copy) AND that you have reviewed the PreHealth Program Agreement. Please do not continue until you have completed these steps.

Complete My Registration

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    Self-Enroll as Pre-Med with a MedAppTrak account! Learn how to get an account. Having a MedAppTrak account provides you with access to added resources available only to NU students and Alums.