John Daggett

NU 2010 - B.S. Biology; Tufts University School of Medicine, Class of 2014

What led to your interest in a career in medicine? Who or what inspired you?
Early on I admired a team of health care providers caring for my grandfather when he took ill. Teamwork was so evident, and it was great to see a group of dedicated people working to care for another person. My exposure at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center on co-op with inpatient physical and occupational therapists later confirmed my desire to pursue medicine in the hopes of caring for those in need.

How did you prepare yourself for medical school? The application process?
Throughout my experience at Northeastern I remained focused and committed to my studies. Now in medical school, I am reminded quite often of how well the Northeastern curriculum prepared me. I also sought extracurricular opportunities while at Northeastern, which included participating in undergraduate research, and serving as a Resident Assistant in the Department of Residential Life.

What undergraduate experiences were most instrumental to your success?
My co-op exposure at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center as an inpatient physical therapy assistant was deeply impacting. Working along such talented practitioners as our patients walked for the first time following joint replacement and other surgeries was remarkable. This was care in its most raw form, and I feel so fortunate to have spent time with the therapists and patients at BIDMC.

What obstacles or hurdles did you overcome in your medical school journey?
I have become very efficient in mapping out my day and managing my time to allow for school, studying, and personal time to relax and visit with friends and family.

Did you did matriculate directly from NU to medical school?
I graduated from Northeastern in January, and before starting school in August I returned to my second co-op employer and continued as a research technician for 8 months.

Having entered medical school directly from NU – are you happy with the decision you made? Why or why not?
I am happy with my choice. NEU prepared me well for medical school and I am glad I was able to enter Tufts after a terrific final semester at Northeastern. The momentum carried me into the start of medical school and since then I have been off and running.

Is medical school what you thought it would be? Would you share your thoughts?
Medical school is terrific. Yes, it is difficult at times and laborious throughout, but I could imagine no other path for someone who enjoys science and is dedicated to helping others in a compassionate and caring manner. The camaraderie at Tufts is also great, everyone in the class supports their peers, there is very little competition and it is an environment where we have all thrived together.

What are your career goals right now? Have they changed since you begin your medical school studies?
I have joined the Maine Track Program at the medical school since enrolling. This will give me the opportunity to conduct my third year rotations in Maine in addition to learning more about the health care climate in the state. This is a real privilege for me as someone who intends to stay and practice medicine in Maine, where I was raised and where my family resides.

What advice do you have for new applicants considering a career in medicine?
I would encourage anyone considering medicine to shadow someone in the healthcare field (Nurses, physical and occupational therapists, physicians, physician assistants, etc.) Not only will this impress upon them the importance of all these roles in healthcare, it will allow one to consider these many roles and what may be the best fit for each individual. My advice: Keep an open mind regardless of where you end up in healthcare, and remember that our ultimate goal is to provide thoughtful and compassionate care as a team.

Posted 1/5/2012

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