Graduate and Post-Bacc Students

The NU PreHealth Advising Program provides its advising services and its resources to all graduate students and students who are enrolled in the College of Professional Studies Post-Bacc Program. To qualify for a Northeastern University Committee Letter, Post-Bacc students need to complete at least four one-year science course sequences at Northeastern.

As a graduate student enrolled in a Master’s or Doctoral Program or as a college graduate in NU’s College of Professional Studies Post-Bacc Program, you are, most likely, very close to the beginning of the cycle during which you plan to apply. You may be motivated to apply as soon as possible because you feel that time is moving very quickly and that that you have been on the pre-med track long enough!  You are excited and motivated to submit your application and begin the next phase of your life – matriculating to the health professional school of your choice.

We ask you to STOP and take a breath.  Regardless of the field of medicine you intend to pursue and regardless of your age, it is important to your success NOT TO RUSH through the application process.  What does matter is your readiness to apply, as measured by relevant experiences, community service, a competitive science and non-science GPA, strong letters of evaluation, and a competitive ADMISSIONS exam score.

NOTE:  If you have received prehealth advising in the past through your undergraduate institution, you may wish to consider continuing that advisor/advisee relationship.  We encourage you to contact a Northeastern University PreHealth Advisor if you wish to discuss this topic further.


If you plan to obtain advising through the NU PreHealth Advising Program, click the MedAppTrak link on this page to begin. Be sure to bookmark the PreHealth Website in your primary browser and log into MedAppTrak AND the Student/Applicant Pages whenever you have questions about your planning or preparation. If you cannot find what you are seeking, please request an appointment with a PreHealth Advisor or come to see one of us during posted Walk-In Periods.

Be sure to update and assess your academic and experiential portfolio on MedAppTrak regularly to gauge your progress towards your goal!

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    Self-Enroll as Pre-Med with a MedAppTrak account! Learn how to get an account. Having a MedAppTrak account provides you with access to added resources available only to NU students and Alums.