A Message for Current Students

Whether you are now just beginning to explore medicine as a career or whether you have already completed the exploring step and know where you are going, it is important for you to self-enroll in the PreHealth Advising Program so that you become known to us and join our e-mail list.  Please visit How to Obtain a MedAppTrak Account and follow the instructions on that page. You will be asked to listen to a podcast and to provide us with information about yourself and your goals. We ask you to download the podcast (in pdf format) and refer to its content periodically as you move closer to your application year.

After you set up your account, log into MedAppTrak to find the information you need in order to gain access to password-protected information and resources via the Student/Applicant Pages at this website.  All of the information you need to prepare now and to be ready to apply when the time comes may be found in MedAppTrak and the Student/Applicant Pages.

Topics include:

  • Exploring Medicine/Shadowing Health Professionals
  • Seeking Research and Medically Related Experiences
  • Community Service Opportunities/Service-Learning
  • Information about Obtaining Letters of Evaluation
  • Preparing for the Health Professional School Admissions Exam
  • Self-Assessment Guides for First-Time Applicants and Re-Applicants
  • Time-Line to the Health Professional School Application
  • PreHealth Advising Program Committee Letter Eligibility Requirements
  • Post-Application Guidelines and Information

If you do not have a MedAppTrak Account, please click the link on this page to begin.

If you have already obtained a MedAppTrak account, congratulations! Be sure to bookmark the PreHealth Website in your primary browser and visit MedAppTrak and the Student/Applicant Pages  whenever you have questions about your planning or preparation. If you cannot find what you are seeking, please request an appointment with a PreHealth Advisor or come to see one of us during posted Walk-In Periods.

Be sure to update and assess your academic and experiential portfolio on MedAppTrak regularly to gauge your progress towards your goal!

Are you an Undergraduate or a Graduate/Post-Bacc student?

Before you leave this Section, please be sure to review the specific message that pertains to you  and achieving your future goal – to become a healthcare professional.

A Special Message for Undergraduate Students
A Special Message for Graduate Students and Post-Bacc Students

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    Self-Enroll as Pre-Med with a MedAppTrak account! Learn how to get an account. Having a MedAppTrak account provides you with access to added resources available only to NU students and Alums.