PreHealth Advisors

Primary Advisor: Alums and Students for all NU Colleges except College of Professional Studies

Cynthia Seltzer, MA, MBA
Manager, PreHealth Advising Program
PreHealth Advisor
Northeastern University
414G Mugar Life Sciences
Skype: cynthia_seltzer

Advising by Appointment:

Current Students and Recent Alumni: To set up an appointment with Cynthia, go to the Self-Service tab of your myNEU, into the Advising Resources section. Choose the Appointment Calendar link. A new window will open. In the Find a Calendar section choose the PreHealth Advising Calendar. Select “Cynthia Seltzer” from the group. The calendar will open and you will have a number of options of times to choose from for an appointment. Please remember to set up your Medical Applicant Portal (MAP) before your appointment!

Alumni: Please send an e-mail to Cynthia Seltzer at with at least three specific times/dates that fit into your schedule, Monday through Thursday. Cynthia will contact you to confirm one of your choices. Appointment times are 9:00am to 4:00pm. If you cannot come onto campus, phone and skype appointments are available.

Walk-in Hours:

Please see Cynthia’s calendar for walk-in hours. Walk-ins are for quick questions lasting 5-10 minutes. If you need a longer time period, please set up an appointment.

Primary Advisor: College of Professional Studies

Christine Sullivan, MA
Student Success Specialist
Northeastern University
College of Professional Studies
50 Nightingale Hall—50 NI
360 Huntington Ave. Boston, MA 02115
Phone: (617)373-2405| Fax: (617)373-5545

Director, PreHealth Advising Program

Gail S. Begley, Ph.D.
Biology Department, College of Science
414 Mugar Life Sciences
Tele: 617-373-3491