Applicant Agreement – Tufts EA Program – 2016 Matriculation

By Friday, January 3, 2014, Please download and complete the ELIGIBILITY WORKSHEET and submit it as an e-mail attachment to Ms. Seltzer

By Tuesday, January 7, 2014, you will receive confirmation of your eligibility to apply OR an explanation of why you do not meet eligibility requirements.


Applicant Responsibilities – Important Dates and Deadlines

By Wednesday, January 8, 2014, I should confirm my intent to apply for 2016 matriculation by submitting this signed and executed Applicant Agreement according to the instructions below.

By Wednesday, January 15, 2014, I should:
1) Generate a close-to-final draft of my personal statement, according to the NU INSTRUCTIONS provided.
2) Request (3) letters of evaluation from NU faculty or (2) letters from NU Faculty and (1) letter from a Co-op employer or a healthcare professional who is not a family member. At least one faculty letter should represent a science course that demonstrates academic excellence.
3) Meet with evaluators to make the request. I will bring the Tufts LOR Request Form (waiver of confidentiality), a copy of my transcript (or premed audit) and my resume. I should be prepared to articulate my reasons for applying to the Tufts Early Assurance Program. I will be sure to explain that letters must be sent directly to Tufts Medical School by February 1, 2014, if possible, and no later than February 8, 2014.

By Friday, January 17, 2014, I should request a meeting with Dr. Begley according to the NU INSTRUCTIONS provided.

By Friday, January 24, 2014, I should:
1) Meet with Dr. Begley to review my completed application and eligibility.
2) I will bring a copy of my PreMed audit to this meeting. If I have taken college courses anywhere other than NU, I will bring transcripts from those schools.
3) I understand that Dr. Begley must sign the application before it is submitted to Tufts University School of Medicine for its consideration.

By Friday, January 31, 2014, I should:
1) Request that NU transcripts (and others, as applicable) and College Entrance Exam Scores (SAT/ACT) be sent directly to Tufts Medical School.
2) Request that Institutional Action Reports (as applicable) be sent directly to Tufts Medical School.
3) Obtain final approval of my Application – PreHealth Program Advisor Signature.

To Submit This Agreement and To Add Your Digital Signature

Please review and COPY/PASTE the entire text below (highlighted in RED) into a new e-mail message and send the message to Ms. Cynthia Seltzer ( You must use your husky e-mail address. (If your e-mail system is not set up to save SENT messages, you may wish to cc yourself.)


I understand that I must update my MedAppTrak account to maintain my eligibility to apply, including the following Sections: Academic Information, Activities/Interests, Experiential Learning, and Essays.

I understand that I am responsible for mailing the original TUFTS application to Tufts University, School of Medicine and for providing a copy of the completed application to Ms. Cynthia Seltzer, Manager of the NU PreHealth Advising Program.

I understand that student interviews for admission to Tufts Medical School typically take place during Mid-April of the application year. I must be available during this period to be eligible to apply. If I am selected for an interview, I understand that invitations are typically sent by e-mail in late March.

I understand that if I do not meet the deadlines or the conditions stated in the Applicant Agreement for Tufts EA 2016 matriculation OR if I do not adhere to the conditions stated in the Initial Agreement (that I signed when my MedAppTrak account was created), it is likely that the PreHealth Advising Program will NOT approve my application.

I understand that my use of the services of the PreHealth Advising Program is a privilege that, at the discretion of the PreHealth Advising Program, may be withdrawn at any time if I have been found to misuse the services, property, or resources of the Program or upon any other breach of professional ethics.

I acknowledge that receipt of this e-mail (by the NU PreHealth Advising Program) will serve as my digital signature.This e-mail contains the statements above and the Verification Code below.




Please download this agreement for your records: 2016 TUFTS EA APPLICANT AGREEMENT.

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