2013 AACOMAS Application Period Opens on May 6, 2012

May 06, 2012

For applicants planning to apply to DO Programs at US Schools of Osteopathic Medicine, the common application opens on May 6, 2012. On that date you may begin to enter information into your application.

The first date on which you may SUBMIT your application has not been posted but it is typically in early June. Most US schools of osteopathic medicine have a rolling admissions policy, meaning that they review applications as they are received. Competitive applicants may be offered interview as early as mid-august, depending upon the specific school.

CAUTION: As much as we encourage applicants to apply as early in the cycle as possible, do not submit until you are sure that your application is complete and accurate, that you know your MCAT score (and it is competitive), and that you have completed your NU PreHealth Committee Letter Interview (if applicable).

Please log into the 2013 Matriculation Pages to locate the link to the AACOMAS application.

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