Associate Research Scientists

Seema Bag


Seema is originally from Mumbai, India. She received her B.Sc in Chemistry from University of Mumbai in 1998. Then she did her B.Tech (2002), M.Tech (2004) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry followed by her PhD (Tech), under the supervision of Dr M. Degani in Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry (2010) from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. Her doctoral research involved design and synthesis of anti-infectives. She joined Dr B. Torok’s research group at University of Massachusetts, Boston as a postdoctoral research fellow, where her research involved design and synthesis of multi-target inhibitors for Alzheimer’s disease, then she joined Dr J. Rochford’s research group in the same school and worked towards design and optimization of molecular photoacoustic contrast agents (MPACs) for in vivo imaging of breast cancer tumors. In 2013 Seema Bag joined Dr M. Pollastri’s research group and is currently involved in synthesis of molecules for cystic fibrosis.

Graduate Students

William Devine


Originally from Hamden, Connecticut, William received his B.S. in chemistry from the University of Connecticut in May of 2010. By autumn he moved to Boston to pursue his doctoral studies in organic and medicinal chemistry and joined the Pollastri research group by the spring of 2011. In his spare time William is an avid baseball and hockey fan and is an enthusiastic home brewer.

Naimee Mehta

Originally from Rajkot, Gujarat, Naimee got his B. Sc. in Chemistry from St. Xavier’s Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He is currently pursuing his PhD in organic chemistry  in Dr. Pollastri’s lab and joined  the lab in August of 2012. He is an avid cricket fan and likes to play volleyball in his free time.

Angela Tanner

Angela Tanner received her undergraduate degree in chemistry at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.  She is now pursuing her Master’s in organic chemistry in Dr. Michael Pollastri’s research lab at Northeastern.  During her spare time, Angela enjoys yoga, hiking, and traveling.

Lisseth Silva

Lisseth attended Roger Williams University in Rhode Island and majored in Biology and Chemistry. She graduated in 2012 and joined Pollastri’s lab in summer 2013. She is a huge soccer fan and I enjoys long distance running. Originally from Peru moved to the US 2004.

Dana Klug


Dana grew up in Franklin, Tennessee but moved to Chicago for college where she obtained her B.S. in Chemistry from DePaul University, minoring in Sociology and Biology. She became interested in neglected diseases and joined the Pollastri lab in 2013. In her spare time Dana enjoys reading, music, and exploring the city of Boston.

Undergraduate Students

Stephen Ejk


Stephen is a fourth year undergrad student pursuing a BS in Chemistry. He has done a medicinal chemistry Co-op at Novartis, a clinical co-op at MGH, and is currently a lab TA for Organic Chemistry 1 & 2 students. He is an aspiring medical school student and enjoys cooking and home brewing in his spare time.

Travis DeLano


Travis is a second year undergraduate student from Maine pursuing a BS in chemistry. In his free time, he enjoys music, reading, hiking, and travelling.

Vivian Hilborne

Pollastri Lab Alumni