Scholarships and Financial Aid

If you’re seeking financial support for undergraduate studies, your first stop should be the Northeastern University Office of Student Financial Services. Located in 356 Richards Hall, this office is the central location for all financial aid from the university. Pell grants, work-study and many other forms of financial assistance come through this office. Contact a financial aid advisor in this office to assist you in identifying relevant financial aid opportunities. Other financial aid sources include:

Department of Political Science Scholarships and Awards

The department has several scholarships and awards that are distributed each year. These include the following:

  • Michael and Charlotte Baer Scholarships: These scholarships assist political science majors on study abroad, internships abroad, or international co-op assignments. The grants are typically $200-$500 and can be used to help defray travel and other overseas expenses. This scholarship was created by Michael Baer, a political scientist and former Provost of Northeastern University. Awards are not being made at this time.
  • Robert L. Cord Endowed Book Fund: Awards from this fund help to defray the costs of books and other course materials. Students majoring in the social sciences, humanities and arts are eligible. Middlers must have a 3.0 or higher QPA, and juniors and seniors must have a 3.25 or higher QPA. This fund was established by former students of Robert Cord, a former member of the Political Science faculty, in his honor upon his retirement.
  • Sean Patrick O’Rourke Scholarship: At the beginning of each fall term, a small number of scholarships are given to junior or senior Political Science majors with top grade point averages and financial need. This scholarship fund was established by the parents of Sean O’Rourke, a Northeastern political science major killed in an automobile accident in 1989. The department identifies recipients of this scholarship.

Students may apply for the Baer and Cord awards, by completing an application available in the main department office.

Co-op Department Awards

The Department of Cooperative Education awards tuition scholarships and certificates to seniors with outstanding co-op experiences. Awards are selected by a committee of co-op faculty, and students are eligible from across the university. Contact your co-op advisor to learn more about these awards. Listed below are three awards given by the Department of Cooperative Education. Other awards are available.

  • Dean Paul M. Pratt Award: This award is presented to a senior in recognition of exceptional personal and professional growth in the Cooperative Education Program.
  • Dean Thomas E. McMahon Award: This award is presented in recognition of outstanding devotion and commitment to serving others in the course of the Cooperative Education Program.
  • William Jefferson Alcott, Jr., Award: This award is presented for outstanding performance in conjunction with some intellectual activity outside or beyond the requirements of the curriculum.

Online Scholarship Databases

There are a number of free, on-line databases that can be used to search for scholarships and other forms of financial aid. These include:

National Scholarships

If you’re planning for graduate school, there are a number of nationally-recognized scholarships that you can consider. Although these are quite competitive, with a strong academic record you could consider applying. A few of these, like the Harry S. Truman Scholarship, also include financial support for one or two years of undergraduate studies in addition to graduate school. The National Collegiate Honors Council has a list of these scholarships with links to their websites.