Although there are circumstances when you might ‘go it alone,’ talking to an advisor can save you time and ensure that you are headed in the right direction. Advising is important not only for making course and scheduling decisions, but also in your career planning. There are several advisors available for you:

Head Advisor

The Political Science head advisor is a faculty member who has extensive experience helping students to navigate the degree program at Northeastern and the broader field. The head advisor is happy to speak with you about your program of study at Northeastern, career options and planning, or further education.

Fall 2013: Suzanne Ogden, 353 Meserve Hall

Spring 2014: David Schmitt, 351 Meserve Hall

Faculty Advisors

In addition to the head advisor, you should feel free to approach any Political Science faculty member to discuss your particular interests or concerns. If you have a pre-existing advising relationship with a particular faculty member, you should continue to cultivate it. The Political Science department has designated the following faculty and staff to take the lead on advising in particular areas.

Career and Grad. School Advising Professor Tolley; 360-D Renaissance Park
Graduation Clearance Megan Nicklaw and Eric Winter; 180 Renaissance Park
Honors Students Professor Rochefort; 335 Meserve Hall
Internships and Exper. Education Hans Eijmberts; 309 Meserve Hall
Minors Barbara Chin; 301 Meserve Hall
Mon. – Fri. 8:30- 12:00PM, 1:00- 4:00PM
Pre-Law Professor Tolley; 311 Meserve Hall
Mon. Wed. & Thurs. 2:50- 3:50 PM
Transfer Credit Advisor Professor Hedlund, 313 Meserve Hall
Truman Scholarships Barbara Chin; 301 Meserve Hall

Faculty in the Department of Political Science

If you need contact information or office hours for any Political Science faculty member please call 617-373-2796 or email

College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Megan Nicklaw and Eric Winter are the Academic Advisors assigned for Political Science majors. Megan work with students with last names beginning with H-Z, and Eric works with students with last names beginning with A-G. They or other college advisors and staff are available for appointments made through your MyNEU account. For contact information, please visit the Center for Student Academic Services.

Cooperative Education

Lisa Doherty and Steve Williams and Michelle Zaff are Co-op Advisors assigned for Political Science majors. Lisa Doherty advises students with last names from A-D; Steve Williams works with students with last names from E-H and Michelle Zaff will advise I-Z. Co-op advisors will help you prepare for co-op and work with you throughout your co-op experiences at Northeastern.

Contact information

Lisa Doherty
65 Lake Hall
Advising A-D

Steve Williams
204D Churchill
Advising E-H

Michelle Zaff
33 Lake Hall
Advising I-Z