Romney for President Internships

Posted August 16, 2012 Employer: Romney for President Internships
Approximate Deadline: November 2012

We are looking for part-time student interns to help us in the rapid response department of the Romney For President headquarters in Boston. Specifically, they would be working in what we call the “war room” where we are monitoring and alerting all national and local news; television, radio, print and social media outlets, and providing our communications and research departments with all relevant breaking news in real time. It is a very fast paced work environment and we are functioning 24/7. We are looking for students with who are interested in politics and communications, knowledgeable in the state of the Presidential race and have a critical eye to help our staff identify relevant breaking news.


Duties would include:

  • Monitoring and alerting breaking news from social media, print, radio, and television outlets on a national and local level
  • Creating and distributing morning, afternoon and evening  media coverage briefings
  • Cutting and transcribing relevant national and local television and radio interviews of the Governor, campaign spokespeople and surrogates


Internships available:

4 Day-time shift interns (2 for the 7am-2pm shift and 2 for the 2pm-10pm shift)

2 Night-time shift interns (11pm-6am shift)

** Shift schedules are flexible if interested students have conflicting class schedules


Office Location:  239 Causeway Street, Boston, MA 02114


Contact: Jane Vick, Deputy Director Of Rapid Response


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