Professor D’Agati Sought as Expert Opinion on Security in Sochi

February 07, 2014 This week has been a busy one for the world's top athletes and our very own Professor D'Agati! He has been interviewed by multiple sources about security Olympics including The Boston Herald, NBC Chicago, and Northeastern News. “The IOC has no internal expertise on security matters, so they really do have to rely on the bids the hosts are making, their suggestions saying how they are going to protect the games,” said Professor D'Agati in an article published by the Boston Herald, to read more from the Herald, click this link. The NBC Chicago article, about the revival of Cold War tensions in wake of the Olympics, can be found here. In addition to these local and national media outlets, Professor D'Agati was also interviewed by Northeastern News and participated in the 3Qs section, which can be found here.
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